Care With Love

Storing your jewellery in the box provided and away from moisture will ensure longevity. Use a cotton tip or soft microfibre cloth to gently clean your gold plated jewellery.

Sustainability is the focus for Azadi Adornments, in a world where fast fashion and unethical practices dominate. Having cultivated a deep relationship with the same small collective of Balinese artisans since the label’s birth, they hold a significant place of value within the team and they are treated and paid in accordance with Australian Fair Trade standards. Every piece has been expertly handcrafted with love, ensuring an ethical practice every step of the way. Due to Azadi’s value for sustainability, everything is produced in limited runs, or on a pre-order basis, to ensure there is absolutely no wastage. Thank you for your patience when ordering a pre-order item.

All organic matter used in Azadi’s pieces is sourced sustainably - the bone and horns are a by-product of the meat industry, ensuring no new demand for these materials, and the boxes your pieces are posted in are made from recycled materials. Azadi has also teamed up with a community based organisation  in Greece and donates part proceeds to help this  NGO  to better the living conditions of Middle Eastern refugee women and girls.

Azadi strives to make your dollar reach as far as possible, with the intention to facilitate a more conscious and enriching shopping experience.