Every Azadi Adornments piece has been expertly handcrafted with love, ensuring an ethical practice every step of the way. Our mission is a responsible supply chain that promotes trust in your support of our business.

In the last 5 years of our business, we have supported and given work to 2 small Balinese family artisans, and we have recently started working with a bigger production team located in India.

Our team in India is part of SETU, a certified fair trade organisation that endeavours to act as a bridge between the underprivileged/marginalised artisans and the international/affluent markets, whilst at the same time, working for social, economic and environmental well-being of the artisan communities.

Fair trade practices are used to give the team of artisans that we have employed with self sustainability, self- confidence, and pride in their quality of work.

SETU Fair Trade works to help improve the overall state of development in the artisan sector in India, in terms of health care, education, and infrastructure.
Our teams in Bali are paid fairly, and work in safe conditions- they are paid a minimum of 4x the legal minimum hourly wage in Indonesia. 

We have been working closely with these two teams since the start of Azadi in 2018, and were able to help them closely through the COVID 19 economic crisis, ensuring that they were supported and in constant employment through the duration of this period.